MDO4000 RF “Reverse Engineering”

After Dave’s Tektronix MDO 4000 teardown I decided to try to reverse-engineer its spectrum analyzer PCB. I used Dave’s high resolution photos (from his Flickr), my general RF knowledge and one of Dave’s post comment, by “Carlos” (helpful, thanks!).
My last work consisted of RF maintenance and design, with a large range of frequencies, so the block diagram I made shouldn’t be too off from the reality.
MDO4000 RF section

I think I got the most of the PCB. A lot of parts are from Hittite (RF switches, amps, VCOs and Log detector). I omitted some minor parts (DC and AC blocking for example). Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find the I/Q analog-to-digital converter. Maybe it’s under one of the shielded cans or on an other PCB. As it’s a 10GSpS, it must have direct access to a memory of any sort, so it could be close to the main processor/FPGA.

Schematics (pdf):

MDO4000 RF Block Diagram

Photo with the numbers matching the schematics (pdf, 6Mb):

MDO4000 Photo with numbers for the Block Schematics

Block schematics with PCB components thumbnails (pdf, 9Mb):

MDO4000 RF Block Diagram with Thumbnails

If you find any error or want to add comments to the schematics I made, don’t hesitate to comment!!